The Tide Jetty

Eastern Angles

Touring throughout the spring, 2019.

Here are some lovely quotes from reviews on the movement in The Tide Jetty:

British theatre Guide:

“… the choreographed sequences (by movement director Simon Carroll-Jones)—especially Benjamin Teare’s opening as brother Nathan—are really well executed and the accompanying music really does help to convey their watery world”.

The Reviewers Hub:

“The other great strength of Scott Hurran’s production is the stylised movement (Simon Carroll-Jones), bringing a raw physicality to the action, and, with the music, giving dramatic life to the water – “high water slack, the world holding its breath” – “soft rain falling still on Breydon”.”

East Anglian Daily Times:

“The production marks these contrasts of “man vs nature” with physical theatre to move the narrative and connect the characters. This act of physical connection and movement merge sensuously, starkly opposing the stiffness of the relationship the kindly but controlled Morton and all he represents”.