Theatre Maker, Performer, Movement Director.


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It's the end of the summer, 2018..

Here's a bit about what's happened, and what is going to happen:

2018 started with work collaborating with Theatre Hullabaloo. In the spring I was devising and performing with long time theatre associates Tangled Feet on two existing shows; and movement directing for Company Three with their piece The Act. The Act went to The Yard Theatre and The Royal Exchange.

During the Summer I worked alongside the incredible Jennifer Jackson creating the movement for Paines Plough's Roundabout Season, check out some of the nice things people said here.

After working again with Company 3 on their Summer Project, I joined The Almeida Theatre's participation team and am currently movement directing and co-devising their Dance Nation response piece. 

I have just begun the process of making a new piece, The Skatepark Project, about the people who use these "public" facilities in rural market towns. There will be skating, grazed knees, drinking Woodpecker Cider, swings, and arson... I think.

In a week I will start work with Gemma Kerr and Almanac Arts on To Shoot Irishmen. I will be joining the team as movement director. This tours to The Everyman Theatre, Liverpool, and The Omnibus, Clapham.

In The Autumn I will be working with The Dukes Theatre and Daniel Bye, on Sarah Punshon's piece, The Incredible Vauum Cleaner Adventure. I am looking forward to collaborating again with the wonderful designer, Hannah Sibai. I am joining this team as an actor/devisor.