Journey of an idea: In a Shop Unit. I Want To Open The Door And Let People In. / by Simon Jones

Here I am
I have been given an opportunity I wan’t expecting.


It came also on the back of me deciding I was not ready to take this piece to Edinburgh.
I wasn’t prepared,
To risk so much money and emotion on the festival.

I want to test this show in front of people,
But i don’t want it to end so quickly,
and Edinburgh felt to me like an ending -
like a result,
and my body is not ready for results.

But I am ready to perform the work,
To test, and make, and bank it.

to make
to show
to tour
to bank
to review
to see where we are


At the end of last week

I got a lovely email from the bike shed theatre
Saying that I could use the space.
Somewhere along the way emails got lost,
And the space was ours.

So i cancelled my work
And drove to devon
On my own
To use this space.

I arrived last night,
Monday night,
And cycled in to the theatre this morning

I met the entire bike shed team for thirty odd seconds.

Then Emily walked me to the space,
Showed me around.

And here I am.

I have set up my desk
To look out at the shop front and the people walking past.
I have music playing ,
And I am thinking about what I should do.

This is a piece about me,
This is a piece about us,
This is a piece about Marco,
And Marco is a piece about you.

How do i open up my world
So that i can share it with you,
So that it is no longer about me,
But rather the finger is pointing outwards
Using me as a tool
To point at us

I keep thinking about Robert Le Page.

I want to open the door to this shop unit
And dance,
And see,
See if anyone decides to come in.
To watch;
And then what?
What is expected of them?

This week could be very interesting.
This week will be hard.
This week will not be wasted.

Let's see.