The Journey Of An Idea: How to Celebrate... written in 2016. / by Simon Jones

I have not written for a while. I have written, and have been writing and continue to do so (non-stop), but not here. So I thought I would ease myself back into it gently. I have been spending the last two weeks working with a wonderful group of people collaborating on my work, and me collaborating on theirs. We have all been collaborating with each other! Such is the brilliance of James Blakey's idea of finding an ensemble approach to solo shows. It has been hard too. Of course it has. It should be. Sometimes it doesn't feel like collaboration at all. Sometimes I don't want to collaborate. But this is all part of this journey I am on, and now a few more people are on too.
Tonight I head to Shoreditch Town Hall to make use of some dance floor. I have invited the people who will be joining me to read out the methods of celebrating when you win. Below is a list of ways in which one might celebrate, I will be in continual turning. Pivoting around a central point, as if I was in a display cabinet.

Put a flag around your shoulders

Breathe Heavily

Raise a thumb to your coach


Bend in the knees whilst reaching up

Blow air through your lips


Thrust your hips in front of your body

Open your palms to the world

Run like a headless chicken

Kiss the floor

Wave at the crowd

Cry uncontrollably

Lie on your back and continue to cry

Fall to your knees

Bump your body against someone else's

Touch your face

Make an angry happy face

Thank the sky

Perform the running man

Play air guitar

Punch the air with both your fists


best wishes