Paines Plough Roundabout 2018

Co-movement director alongside Jennifer Jackson.






 Direction by Stef O'Driscol.


What the press said:

Sticks and Stones
"cleverly choreographed by Jennifer Jackson and Simon Carroll-Jones" - What's On Stage
"This challenging script is expounded by Jennifer Jackson and Simon Caroll-Jones’ choreography, which morphs the play into an exhausting-to-watch piece of dance theatre where contorted limbs and bright lighting changes are used to substitute for the ‘word’ and other buzzwords. The result is almost Brechtian: a cartoonish image without the cartoon simplicity of clear right and wrong. With so much happening onstage I’m not sure whether it was reductive or revelatory, but it definitely turns a complex issue into engaging theatre." - 730 Review
"The energetic staging in the round of Paines Plough’s Roundabout theatre space keeps up relentless momentum under the slick direction of Stef O’Driscoll with movement by Jennifer Jackson and Simon Carroll-Jones". - British Theatre.com
Island Town
"Enriched by the work of co-movement directors Jennifer Jackson and Simon Carroll-Jones, the characters seem to effortlessly inhabit a ghostly theatrical sphere". - The Student Newspaper.
How To Spot An Alien
"A reverential nod to Jennifer Jackson and Simon Carroll-Jones for devising movement that keeps the action and energy high". - British Theatre Guide.
"The cast must have been exhausted at the end. This is an energetic show; a lot of jumping around, floating in space, running and hiding and attic climbing, not to mention some impressive floss moves and strutting around to Lady Gaga. With no props, no backdrop and a central stage, the Paines Plough team do an almighty job of painting a picture and helping us envisage exactly where they are and what they’re seeing". - Edinburgh Mummy